Monday, March 28, 2011

Hats with Batteries!

I am faced with a crisis.

I have branched out into a new style of fashion and my family is undecided as to "how it looks." I for one, absolutely love it. My mom and Mia, too. So all the girls...

The boys on the other hand...I've been subjected to a lot of less-than-flattering comments of late. And I really don't see why, but there it is.

In honor of my birthday, my mom took me to JC Penny for a little shopping excursion *celestial choir*! I needed a pair of sunglass, my first pair having been squashed in China, and upon trying different selections, I finally settled on a pair of rose-tinted shades. THEN my mom found an accessory...

That's right. A beautiful, black, glittery, glowing, rhinestone hat! I'm absolutely IN LOVE with it (can you tell?) Which is funny because I've NEVER, EVER been a rhinestone-y type of girl. Just goes to show how things can change...
So this afternoon I was making lunch and my dad (who was telecommuting from home and whom I hadn't seen all day) comes out of the bedroom and says, "Wow." Pause. "Does that hat come with batteries?"

I was insulted to the nth degree!!!

So I tossed my head, turned up my nose, and returned, "I don't care a snit what you say." (Side note: Not being disrepectful. Just a quote from Anne of Avonlea that my family repeats to one another in just such circumstances as these.)

Dad: "It's so very...subtle."
Me: "I like it."
Dad: "Of course, it's so very...very um...silver..."
Nick, chiming in: "It's...interesting."

All I can say is, men's taste in clothing is not what it should be. :) Regardless, I am KEEPING the hat and yes, I intend to wear it out in public! Okay, so it's a little loud. I prefer to think of it as peppy and cheerful. :) And if ever I get lost, I can use it to reflect the sunlight. So it's a two-in-one feature that saves me the trouble of buying a GPS and a homing beacon. Now what guy can argue with that? :)

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Sarah said...

I agree! I think it's perfectly lovely. =D