Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Little Somethin' Somethin'...

This is an essay that I just finished for History. We're discussing illegal immigration just now, and I was given the prompt: "If you could assume total authority, how would you facilitate border policy"...or something along those lines. In a nut shell, if I were Queen of the Universe what would I do...ahem, ahem, ahem! *deep breath*

Black and White.

            The question of illegal immigration has existed since the formation of America. After all, this nation was founded by refugees. It seems rather ironic if not unnecessary to protect an immigrant-populated nation from the very set of people who originally founded it. But with crowding urbanization on the rise and the dispersion of domestic businesses abroad, it seems as if alien policy has provoked more discussion of late. Something must be done. It goes without saying that this is a complex subject; one whose ripple effects extend to more than one sphere of American life. Legislation must not only act within the jurisdiction of the Constitution, but also with the objective of bettering foreign relations and the American economy. However, if I could assume absolute power, I would focus my attention on three aspects of border policy: eliminating the incentive, building a wall, and instituting an intense branch of military to deport those who violate the system.
            The United States maintains that anyone born on American soil is automatically granted citizenship. This law however, while promoting humanitarian sentiment, works in direct opposition to American interests. We have plenty of people. We do not have enough jobs, nor a stable economy to support them. It is my belief that we ought to close down our borders entirely in order to focus on eliminating the national debt, strengthening our economy, and winning the war overseas. Illegal aliens, especially Mexicans infiltrating the southern border, use natural-born citizenship as a way in. We need to stifle their incentive, address the crux of the issue. Illegal residency is but a symptom of the larger picture. In the end, removing the low-risk penalization of deportment means more jobs for the law-abiding private sector.
            But while this measure would no doubt dissuade a percentage of illegal crossings, it is vital that we put an end to the issue once and for all. For this reason, I would build a ten foot high cement wall that stretched across the entire southern border— from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf. This is without question a drastic measure and one that would require billions of dollars to see through to effect. However, this multi-state funded project would result in several advantages. First, it would reestablish the United States as a world power proving that we are indeed a sovereign nation with a say over who enters our country. Second, it would further discourage if not forcibly prevent illegal aliens from penetrating our border. And finally, it would stimulate enough of our stagnant economy to provide jobs for thousands of American workers across the southwest. 
            As facilitator of the land, it is a government’s responsibility to protect its citizens from any threat, foreign or domestic. Illegal aliens pose just such a danger, depleting our nation’s economy of its resources while failing to pay its taxes. The American people have had enough. Therefore, in dealing with the illegal immigrants already within our borders, I would initiate a new branch of military similar to the BP (Border Patrol). Instead of working exclusively along our border line however, this special ops force would be responsible for finding and ultimately deporting anyone who has been illegally at large since 1996. In addition, I would enact legislation requiring DMV’s to validate proof of citizenship before issuing or renewing a driver’s license.
            Many would argue that deporting illegals after they have established a life here in America is a cruel gesture. To my mind, it is not a gesture but justice. I have nothing against immigrants themselves, nor any of the ethnic groups that comprise these United States. I do take offense to those who feel entitled to this country’s rights without having first played by its rules. If someone wants to live in the United States, I believe he or she should have the freedom to do so. That is their right, and I think it is a mark of American greatness that people would yearn to live here. But they must follow procedure. They must apply and wait their turn like everyone else. If not, they should be automatically subject to the full measure of the law. No exceptions. No gray areas. Though the law may be merciless, the law must prevail, for the good of the people…for the good of this Union.
            It’s that black and white.

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