Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love's Query

Does the sleeping flower dream of life
Beneath the winter’s snow?
Does it recall the rolling green
Of summers long ago?

Can it feel the gentle rush
            Of a warm, caressing wind?
Or is its mind engaged upon
            The ice ‘neath which it’s pinned?

Can love look to the road ahead
            And predict the budding hour,
When spring at last will come again
            To quiet, expectant flowers?

Or is it caught by unawares
            Does winter end in haste?
That flowers bloom in chorus whole
            To right forgotten pace?

Can love be bridled to be tame
            With stirrups, reign, and bit?
Or is it free, like the lark
            To choose its path for it?

Sleeping flowers dream of life
            Beneath the setting sun,
But they’ve no cause for merriment,
            Spring will come as it’s always done.

And so love, too will follow suit
The trend it always will,
The spark of life must first be struck
            And it will sleep until.

©OrchardHouseScribblings 2011

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