Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Funny occurence today.

What do you get when you have six people sitting around a table and one them is Mia?

The answer: lots and LOTS of laughs...

This afternoon Joe and I were teasing one another over tea. I said something altogether witty and amusing [haha more like impertinent and sarcastic :)] and like any silbing with an ounce of backbone, he good-naturedly flicked my wrist. Well, little Miss Mia found that quite offensive apparently. And flailing the "all done" sign with her hands [basically jazz hands], she proceded to tell Joseph he should not *flick* my wrist and that *flicking* was ALL DONE!!! *flick* *flick* "NO! NO!" We nearly split a gut laughing. If you could have only seen the gravity of her expression as she composedly flicked my wrist to illustrate her point! Too funny! Once we were able to breathe again, Joseph apologized. But then to top it all off, Mia charaded that if he had to flick someone, he could flick Nicholas (aka "Lek-los")! I suppose after all he's a boy and can take it. :)

Yes, today was filled with quite a lot of laughter. The first thing Mia did this morning was pull my hair over my lips! LOL You've never met anyone who's wanted long hair as badly as she does. :)

I marvel sometimes at just how perfect a fit she is for our family. And I mean perfect! She's complements each of us so well. Down to the last detail. No one but God could have orchestrated so awesome a match. And to think I almost missed out on it all...

A lot of people find this hard to believe, but I wasn't always excited about our adoption. In fact, when the possibility first arose, I was angry, indifferent, even resentful that God would call us to something so dynamically disruptive. Believe me, I told Him so. :) I loved my family as it was. I didn't want it to change. But slowly, the Lord began to soften my heart. I remember one circumstance in particular which my mom asked me to write down. This was a few months after the Lord had called us to begin the adoption process and name the future member of our family "Mia." Here it is, dating back to spring 2009:

I was bored. This class just seemed to go on and on with no end. Who cared if I threw the discus incorrectly? I couldn’t get it to “fly” straight anyway. I was bored, hot, sweaty, and trying not to show it.

But since it wasn’t my turn to throw, I plopped down on the grass and endeavored make daisy chains. I was almost done when coach called us into a huddle. That’s when I saw her. She was standing there so prettily, with an eager expectancy I would not ignore. As I began to approach her, she threw her little arms out to welcome me. I remember thinking something like, “Gosh, she must really like me.” She did. She practically threw herself on me.

“Can you make me one,” she said, pointing to the daisy chain I held in my hand.
“No, but I’ll give you this one,” I replied, tying the chain around her neck.
When I finished, she turned and hugged me tightly. I remember feeling puzzled by her behavior. After all, we had never spoken; I had never even made eye contact with her, for crying out loud! Why should a little Chinese girl “adopt” me now?

No sooner did that thought cross my mind that I began to feel sick. Yet it was a good kind of sick, the kind which made me think, “Okay Lord, I know enough about You to see that You’re in this.” So I just gave up then, and let this little girl have free reign.

It was rather easy as she was such an adorable doll. I sat down next to her and initiated a conversation while she hugged my knee.

“What’s your name,” I asked.
“Maelyn. What yours?”
“Talia. How old are you, Maelyn?”
“Five.” And she held up her fingers to show me.
“Yeah? What do you like to do?”
Maelyn thought for a moment and then replied: “I like to jump and bounce on the trampoline and jump into mud puddles.”
I resisted the urge to laugh. “Oh, really?”
"Yeah. Do you like to jump on the trampoline?”
I smiled. “Well, I don’t have a trampoline at my house?”
“You don’t?”
“Then what do you like to do?”

Thankfully coach saved me from answering. What was I supposed to tell her? Oh, I like listening to music, shopping, playing piano, sports, and doing lots of “big girl” things you probably haven’t heard about. Right. :)

Coach was moving us to the baseball field. As I got up from the ground and began walking, I made sure to slow my pace enough for Maelyn to catch up. She clung to my hand.

“I have a sister,” she said randomly.
“You do?”
“What’s her name?”
“Sarah,” was the reply.

Of course this conversation was anything but intruiging. I just kept thinking how much I wanted to shake this little girl off my leg and get on with the class. But the walk to baseball diamond put something in perspective for me. This little girl was adopting me. No. This little Chinese girl was adopting me. And hadn’t I been praying that the Lord would show me a sign? Hadn’t I been praying that He would give me a love for orphans? And then something else struck me as “coincidental.” Maelyn was five. My family had been hoping to adopt a four year old. Why the closeness in age? Why hadn’t Sarah (the older sister) taken to me? Why Maelyn?

I didn’t have any answers to the questions that kept distracting me from the class. I wondered if my mom was watching this whole ordeal and having the same thoughts.

When it was time to leave, both Sarah and Maelyn were sorry to see me go.

“Can’t we play?” asked Maelyn hopefully.
“Make me a daisy chain,” said Sarah.
“No, I’m sorry, I can’t,” I replied and bent down to hug them both.

I felt really stupid as I left. I couldn’t help but feel that I wanted to play with them! This is ridiculous, I told myself. This isn’t like you! You don’t like little kids. You hate noise. Why do you want to play with these two little girls whom you’ve never met and know nothing about?

I think it was God working on my heart. I think seeing a flesh-and-blood little Chinese girl adopt me softened my position towards adopting a sister of my own.

Feeling dizzy and a bit nervous by these events, I waited until we were in the car to tell my mom. She was floored! And we all sat there thinking, “What is the Lord doing?”

And then, Nick spoke up. “Hey Talia, did you see the writing on Maelyn’s shirt?”
“No, why?”
“It said MIA.”

MIA? Mia? Figures....

This was just one miniscule incident of many that confirmed to me that adoption was the right calling for my family. And already I see so much fruit that's come from it. Though it has NOT been easy. Though it has stretched my faith (and nerves) at times to breaking, I thank God for His incredible mercy, blessings, and faithfulness. I know that in comparison to my parents, I have shouldered only a fraction of this burden. But it has been so awesome to see something as wonderful as a family of five bloom into something even more wonderous as a family of six. It helps me better comprehend the love with which God loves us. Perfect. Unconditional. Forever.
That's not to say I'm suddenly an adoption advocate in love with little children, but it does make one think: God's perfect will, though it may veer in a direction other than the one I had planned, may just be the most fulfilling after all. If only I'll just trust and obey...  

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