Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Reckonings.

So today is March 1st.

I can hardly believe it. It seems like only yesterday we were in China waiting to meet Mia, and here we've had her for almost three months now! Yowsa! Time sure does fly.

Went to the park again today. Just Mia and me. She loves picking flowers for her Mamma. And it's funny, where my brothers and I used to pick two or three daises each, Mia plucks an entire bouquet. I told my mom, she'd pull up the entire park if I let her. Maybe she'll grow up to be a florist...

Or a gymnast...

Or a hair stylist...

Or maybe something that will take us all by surprise. Let's see, we don't have any lawyers or scientists in the family...:)

Mia's personality has really blossomed of late. As she learns to trust us, as she feels more secure, the more it comes out. She's such a happy, easy-to-please little girl. I'm amazed at her resilience to all that she's been through. The simplest things can make her day.

For example, yesterday morning as I was running on the treadmill outside, Mia suddenly got it into her head to run with me. She did. In place, of course. But it was the most adorable thing  watching her jump all around the kitchen with her bed hair flopping every which way. Probably kept it up for about an 1/8 of a mile. Not bad. I'll make an athlete of her yet! :)

She's also very transparent with her emotions, needs, and desires. She has NO problem telling you what she wants and when she wants it. Like today, when we were getting ready to leave the park, my mom (who joined up with us later) gave Mia a 5 minute warning. "Okay," she said signing 5 fingers, "in five minutes we're going to go bye-bye."

Mia clearly did not want to leave, and shook her head.

Mom: "You don't shake your head at Mamma. You say, 'Yes, Mamma'."

Mia: "Yesee, Mamma." Thinks for a second, then shakes her hand. "No, bank you, Mamma."
("Bank is how she pronounces the word "thank.")

It took everything in me to keep from busting out laughing. I quipped, "At least if you're going to have a defiant child, you might as well have one who's polite." :)

Oh, Mia, Mia, Mia...my little shadow.

I love how she lights up whenever the boys or I walk into the room. You'd think we were Santa Clause or Disneyland coming to visit her personally, even if it's just to refill our cups of tea.

I love how she has to go around and kiss everybody good night because a hug just doesn't cut it.

I love how she sits beside me at the piano, dying to clunk out a "tune" of her own.

And I love how she shows me the faith of a child, what it means to live and love as if there were no tomorrow.

Thanks, Mia, for being the hilarious, not-even-on-caffeine character that you are!

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Karissa said...

Talia, this post is so so sweet! I love hearing updates on how Mia is doing and how you all are doing.

Haha, Maylie likes to "run" in place too when we are doing the treadmill! Too cute!