Tuesday, April 12, 2011

He Didn't Die Correctly!

I am so mad!

Just finished watching Masterpiece Theater's A Tale of Two Cities. Good movie, not the best quality, but entertaining nonetheless. Of course, anyone who knows anything about the story is just living for the last scene...

And what does the director do?

He doesn't even give Sydney a proper death!!! Ugh! I'm so PUT OUT. I mean, come on. What girl doesn't find a mystical, bad-boy appeal to Sydney Carton's character? And to not even have the satisfaction of watching him sacrifice his life for Lucie--that was a spoiler, sorry--completely negates the last two and half hours I spent watching his love unfold.
Why don't people consult me before they kill off a character? No, really.The whole thing needed to be so much longer and drawn out. A flashback to Lucie's face, the promise he made to her long ago (sssooo romantic), being bound, walking up the guillotine steps, hearing the drums beat, climactic music, and then at the very LAST minute, a cut away to a black screen. Slowly fade in music, guillotine reappears blood-stained and still, followed by a quick glimpse of Charles and Lucie living happily ever after. Fade out. Credits scroll. The End.

That's how it's done. That's how you leave the girls in tears. Build up the rival really well and then do him in gracefully in the last five minutes. But nobody ever listens to me!

When I think back to the character deaths that have affected me the most as a viewer, they had five things in common.

1) they were men and women whose full potential was never realized
2) they all were young and hopelessly in love (a definite MUST HAVE)
3) they had strong characters that were consistently built up throughout the movie
4) the music that accompanied their "death scenes" was passionate and incredibly haunting
5) they never cowered in fear of death, but rather embraced it as their duty or the will of God.

I know, a very morbid post. But hey, I'm on a roll now, and I can't stop! lol  Besides which, when I watch a movie about the French Revolution, I'm not exactly looking to laugh my head off, am I? My eyes didn't water once. How pathetic is that?

*deep breath*

Okay, so maybe I should go to bed. Sleep this appalling nightmare off.

Sweet dreams. MUAH-HA-HA-HA! :)

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