Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grad Night

Well, it has been quite a while since I've posted--a whole FIVE days! :) I've missed blogging. lol But more than that, I've missed clear, purposeful blogging. Most days, I feel like I'm just poking away at a keyboard failing to compartmentalize the swirling ideas in my head.

But it's Sunday afternoon, and as luck would have it, everyone's preoccupied in a vicinity other than the one I'm in! (yay!) So now I have a chance to "jot down" what's been happening lately.

Had my high school graduation ceremony on Friday. It was nice. The banquet dinner was phenominal, and we had two servers who waited on us hand and foot. "Would you like more water, maam?" "Can I take your plate for you?" "Is there anything else I can get for you?" I felt like a princess...
 Such an elegant table!
My cuddly, fellow classmate was valedictorian. LOL
Four generations of girls: Me, my Nonna, mom, and Mia (who, by the way, nearly upset our table half a dozen times!)
 My gorgeous brother and Nonna
My other gorgeous brother who looked like a model in that vest!     
Graduating Class of 2011.
There are actually 12 seniors (11 girls--lol), but only 4 attended the banquet due to a drama performance that same night. Found out later the theatre company was not affiliated with the school...

Altogether it was a great evening. My parents gave a really sweet, embarassing speech. And it's funny, because even though both choked up at different times, my dad was the one who almost lost it. I kept thinking, "Gosh, if this is how bad he is on grad night, what is he going to be like at my wedding?"

Answer: one huge mess. ;)

Things got even worse when my parents surprised me with my graduation ring (which apparently had been purchased three years ago! Makes me wonder what other "secrets" they're keeping from me--hahaha!)
 The rubies represent Proverbs 31:10. "Who can find a virtuous woman for her worth is far beyond rubies." It's in the shape of a flower because my name, in Greek, means blooming...
And while there's no question it's a stunning ring, what means more to me is the thought and symbolism that goes behind it. Thanks, mom and dad for being the best teachers, principals, counsellors, mentors, and friends a girl could ever wish for. I love you to infinity and beyond! ;)

So that was ring #1. ;)

Ring #2 was given to me last year by my wonderful Nonna...because she "couldn't wait any longer." ;) 
Isn't it gorgeous? It reminds me of the London Bridge...My dad has a field day with it. "Oh, Jane," he'll say, quoting Anne of Avonlea, "Stop showing off your ring. I can see it glittering through the trees." ;) No kidding. I told my mom, "I'm going to have to hide this monstrosity of a rock or else my poor future fiance is going to feel some major competition." Poor guy. :P But I promise, that's all the lying and deception he'll have to endure...I think. ;)

Anyway, speaking of deception, I want to tell you all about another period drama that I recently discovered called Our Mutual Friend. It's based off of the book by Charles Dickens, but for some reason, I'd never heard of it before. It's really good, full of that typical dark, Dickens-y intrigue. The main plot centers on two couples who both defy the conventions of social class to discover true love. Not all that original, I know. But the circumstances involving these pairs are definitely worth the five hour wait. ;) Also worth mentioning is that the girl who plays one the main roles is Keeley Hawes, or Cynthia from the better-known Wives and Daughters. For those of you who know the story, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by her performance. ;) Just be mindful of a pretty intense scene with the school teacher. He starts yelling pretty violently at one point. There's also a part where he goes bathing. I just skipped that part. ;) Like I said, it's Dickens, so don't watch it with the intention of feeling warm and fuzzy inside. But for me, who likes altogether morbid and sad stories, it's definitely my cup of tea.

Hope you're all enjoying this blustery Sunday weather.


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