Sunday, May 29, 2011

Super-Shopping Sunday!

I've just been on a shopping splurge! Probably the biggest one this year. ;)

Don't worry, I didn't go crazy...but everyone else around me certainly did. So many people! I think everyone and his brother decided to follow me around today. If you could have only seen the parking lots...typical California. The good news is that I was able to burn some extra calories with all the walking!

Bought my first set of Toms today.

Everyone's been so obsessed with how comfortable they are, that I finally decided to ditch Payless for a change and a treat myself to a little high-end patronage. Nordstroms was PACKED!!! I think everyone was taking advantage of the Memorial Day Sales. $100 bills were changing hands like there was no tomorrow, and all the while, I kept thinking, "Gosh, is this how the movie stars do it?" :D

Between ourselves however, the price of Nordstroms anything on sale is perfectly ridiculous! $100+ for a pair of jeans. Do you know what I could buy with $100???? Let's see...I bet I could manage a pair of jeans, three tops, earrings, and a bracelet for that kinda of money. How 'bout a 1 1/2 tickets to a Broadway show? ;) A week's worth of groceries?
Okay, so I guess I really shouldn't be talking. After all, I just spent a pretty nifty sum on a single pair of shoes. But like I said, I rarely indulge like this. You Toms fans were right about one thing, though: this fancy footwear does feel like slippers! And they're nice because you can dress 'em up or wear 'em casual. So if you think of 'em as two shoes in one the damage ain't so bad! ;)

After that ordeal, I drove to somewhere a little less grand. Target. ;) There, I used a gift certificate to pick up a makeup/travel bag. I think I spent a good 15-20 minutes choosing the "right" one. In the end, I settled for this pink and black beauty...

 LOL, like the reflection in the mirror? :D

Then, it was off to Barnes & Nobles (my FAVORITE place on earth!) to spend a birthday gift card. I got Our Mutual Friend on DVD. No more grainy YouTube videos! Thanks K., K., and M.!!!

So that was my day! And a very fun one it was, too!

Hope you all are enjoying this warm-er weather. I swear this has been the coldest spring that I can remember. So much for global warming, eh? I-I mean climate change. ;) lol

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