Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Surprise, suprise...!!!

So, I've decided to join in the fun and tag a few fellow bloggers. ;) I'm not really familiar with how the whole thing works, but I'll give it a go anyway...

The topic is: 10 Things People Don't Know About You including but not limited to: embarrassing stories, peeves, phobias, odd habits, hilarious antics, dares, scares, and all that jazz! (Explanations are mandatory!)
Since this is a monster of my own creating, I'll start. Muaw-hahahaha! :)

1. I love pumpkin pie to distraction!
Come every Fall, I'm beating down the doors of the grocery store waiting for that delicious goodness in a box! It's one of my favorite desserts, always has been and always will be...and I don't care what you anti-nutmeg people say, harvest pie doesn't even deserve to be put on the same menu...

2. I have a phobia about things other than jewelry touching my (or anyone else's) neck and wrists.
I had the misfortune to read Dracula a couple of years ago. Even though I didn't finish it--too graphic--it still left mental scars to the point where I can't have anyone touch my neck without totally wigging out. ;) And as for my wrists...I saw a movie once where a doctor bled a dying woman. Never been the same since...
3. I can't sleep if the dishes aren't washed and the counters wiped down. 
What can I say? It's just one of those things...I feel like such a slob if I wake up  in the morning and the kitchen's a disaster. The whole day just seems to start off on the wrong foot. It's like waking up to a long laundry list of things to do. Depressing. 

4. I've had more serious sports-related injuries than either of my brothers put together. I've also knocked myself unconscious (for about 15 seconds) and given myself a concussion. :P 
First thing's first. The injuries were all pretty conventional: a split open chin, a broken ankle, fractured fingers (separate incidents), sprained ankles etc. I think I was about 10 years old when I knocked myself out. I was walking on top of monkey bars when I slipped through and smashed my head frontwards AND backwards. I landed on back and opened my eyes to a bunch of people standing over me. ;D The concussion happened a few years later when I bent down to get something in my parents teeny-wincy bathroom. I got up too fast and bashed my head against the doorknob! Took all day for my eyes to dilate correctly. Because I was so sleepy, my dad let me watch I Love Lucy's on the couch. lol
5. I gave a brief speech at a political rally in Colorado Springs. 
We had just flown in to help with the McCain-Palin campaign and...well, there was some extra time and...the Master of Ceremonies asked and...the guy next to me said the deadly words "I dare you" and...*sheepish grin* there you have it! :D

6. I played the barrister munchkin in a Wizard of Oz play.
For those of you who don't know, I was this dude...
 You can't really see him, the guy in purple standing behind the mayor (in green). I first tried implementing an accent at dress rehearsal. Everyone thought I'd inhaled helium...lol Nope, just raw talent at it's best! lol
7. To decide which meal I wanted at a restaurant, I would play "inny-minny-miney-mo" with my blue and green crayons, only to pick the opposite of whatever it was I had chosen! For example, if I had narrowed down my decision between spaghetti (blue) and pizza (green) and the "very best one" was pizza, I would have a change of heart at the last minute (usually as the waiter was taking our order) and go with the spaghetti instead. This happened without fail until I graduated from the kids menu. ;)
I attribute this to being dropped on my head as an infant...Just kidding. But I WAS dropped. ;)

8. I have no reflexes in my knees. 
They just won't jerk! Every member of my family has tried, but I either have no nerves or I'm just incredibly resistant to "pressure." hehehe

9. I've nearly kissed a sea turtle.
When my family took a vacation to Hawaii several years ago, a snorkeling adventure took a turn for the worse. I was swimming back to shore, turned around to look at my dad, and when I looked back again, there was this huge, hideous, open mouth that looked ready to snap off my face! I screamed so loudly, the entire beach came running in fear of a shark attack. Though I maintain that my fear was perfectly legit, it was still an embarrassing experience nonetheless. ;)

10. I love Thursdays and abhor Sundays!
 This is and open and shut case as far as I'm concerned. Thursdays precede Fridays which is the BEST day of the week, and Sundays precede Mondays which is the WORST day of the week. ;)So how can I enjoy a day when it is poisoned by the anticipation of the next? Mondays are a just plain mean. You can't sleep in, it's the start of the school or work week, and why is it that all the important phone calls and e-mails have to be sent out first thing in the morning? lol

Okay, I tag Johanna, Carreen, Antoinette, and Turner. ;)


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