Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6 Months Home!

6 months ago today, we officially adopted Mia.
Oh, I love this little girl. She's funny, active, talkative, the world's #1 drama queen, and an all-around character. She brings so much laughter to this house with her silly antics and behaviors. For example, her signature shrug. Whenever Mia doesn't understand what we're saying, she'll stick out her bottom lip (alla Shirley Temple) and turn out her hands--twice. Exactly. ;) Then she'll shrug and exclaim, "Ohhhhhhhhh!" or "Mia!" (as if chiding herself "how can you not know?") in a really sing-song voice. We love it.

Another "ism" is what has since been dubbed the "thumb dance." Mia loves music. But she LOVES dancing. I'm thinking a career on stage is a serious possibility. ;) Anyway, when she tunes into a beat, she'll clench her little fists into a ball (making sure her thumbs are projected out) and then bob her head from side to side. Actually, I should say she bobs her body from side to side because Mia never moves one, single limb without engaging the rest. ;)

But our favorite "ism" of late is well, a bit unusual. You have to know that when we first brought Mia home, she was afraid of a lot of things. For instance, she had a deathly fear of animals. Any animal, big, small, dead or alive, caterpillar, butterfly, anything...Well, during the time we were trying to acclimate her to the presence of our cat, Mocha, we would tell her, "Mia, you need to be strong like a big girl. No cry. Happy." We've said this so often that now whenever Mia gets even remotely hurt or cold or hungry, she says, "'Tokay, Mia happy. See-tong." Translation: "It's okay, Mia happy. Strong." ;)

So now every one of us is walking around the house crying, "'Tokay, 'tokay!" I told my mom, I'm going to make that a bumper sticker. The next Forest Gump. ;) LOL

Seriously though, as silly as that little expression of her's is, I think there's a lot that our world can learn from it. When we learn to say, "It's okay," and not dwell on the half empty glass. I've often marveled over the fact that the poorest people are often the happiest. Like those starving children in Africa, like Mia. She's been through such emotional trauma. She's had to relearn everything the past 8 years have taught her, and yet--she's always, ALWAYS smiling. Always ready to laugh and have fun. And I think, with all the blessings I've had, why is it that I have the more ungrateful heart? That I am the first to grumble or complain or bewail my misfortune. (Not that I've had many...lol)

It's a wake up call, really. A reality check. What kind of person am I? Am I the kind to take on the day with reluctance? Or am I the kind to say, "Yeah, this stinks, but you know what, it's okay. I'm happy and strong."

I think if every person asked themselves that question, the world would be a much better place. Because when we stop focusing on the negative, and start zoning in on the positive, there's always a benefit. Everyone has a Pollyanna within them; it's time to get in touch with your "glad" side. ;)

And if it's buried beneath layers of anger and bitterness, remember, "'Tokay. You're happy and strong." Just keep telling yourself that. ;)

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