Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Alive!!!

Hey Everyone!

Well, I have safely arrived/settled. What a long flight it was, too! There's way too much stuff to cover, so I'm just going to skip the not-so-interesting stuff and just give you the highlights of a crazy week. 

1. Flight to Austria (including wait time and layover) was 21 hours long! It was a pretty smooth flight, but the three of us were exhausted from lack of sleep. We arrived at the castle at about midnight. I was so amped up on adrenaline, I was unpacked and showered by 1:30am. ;)

2. Had the worst sleep of my LIFE due to jet lag. Slept two hours my first night. The rest of the team didn't start showing their faces until 7:30am....loooonnnggg morning. ;)

3. My duties involve working in the kitchen. I cut and chop vegetables all day. :D Not very glamourous, but definitely worthwhile. I think I'm loosing weight, too. (Always a bonus! lol) I'm so surrounded by food all day that by meal-time, I don't even want to touch it. Keep that in perspective, I AM eating a little. They have GREAT bread here. 

4. I'm addicted to coffee. I started the first day I was here. Seriously, I needed it. Now I can't have breakfast without it. For you people who know me as the ultimate tea consumer, rest assured: I have NOT turned traitor. I am merely maintaining a more open mind as to the medicinal advantages of another beverage. :)

5. I've rolled my ankle--again! I think this makes 6 times, counting both ankles. I've done it at least three times in the last 12 months. Was walking down a steep hill when one of the rocks slipped out from under me...or did I slip out from over it? :P

6. Swam half way across a beautiful lake two nights ago. It was SO hot here and we had been working in the sun all day. (Yes, I got switched to maintenance temporarily.) One of the guys boated along side in case I drowned. It was a gorgeous sunset and just surreal to stop, breathe, and look up into the mountains.

Okay, so you guys think that Austria is developed? Maybe in some parts, but where I feels like I've stepped back in time. No street lamps, no busy freeways or traffic lights. Just you and nature. It's incredible. And the Lord is doing such a work in my heart, helping me work through some difficult issues, teaching me the true meaning of forgiveness...I've learned so much from the people here, from the other SoS staff. They truly are a godly example who want nothing more than to serve the Lord wholeheartedly. I feel very blessed to spend an entire summer together. ;)

And what am I missing back home? My family. ;) Chocolate. More piano music. But that's about it so far.

I'm keeping a journal (not very faithfully) but enough to remember all the important stuff. I wish I could post pictures, but my roommate's Mac doesn't have an SD card drive....later perhaps.

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying your early afternoon/my late evening... :)

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