Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Life Down, 8 to Go!

Have you ever done something so dangerous you knew you would be putting your life at risk, but were compelled to do it anyway? No? Well, good for you, 'cause this genius almost died in her attempt to be Wonder Woman...

Wanna see what I did? :D

Yep, that's right. I climbed up a waterfall. :D 

A few days ago, some of us got the brilliant idea to search for falls that--apparently--no one knew existed. lol Seriously. The best we got at directions was, "After the sign, just keep walking. You'll find the trail. Can't miss it." Am I the only one who thinks that description is a bit ambiguous? Maybe? Just a little bit? Between ourselves (and the rest of the world wide web--:D) I don't think that individual was very detail-oriented. :)

Anyway. After a long, round-about, wild-goose-chase, we finally found a stream that emptied into the lake. "Well," we decided, "the water's gotta come from somewhere." So with that, we climbed (more like fell) into the stream and began our blind expedition. [Side note: being the typical, overly-prepared girl scout that I'm not :), I had packed my cell phone, mega water bottle, and camera in a strap-on bag. Bear that in mind, por favor...]

Things went well for the first 100 yards or so. The stream was channeled into a wash, and the ground was paved with really smooth stone.  It felt so good to get my feet wet on such a blazing hot day! But then...

The adventure began. I have never been so stoked in all my life! Guys, I hiked through a stream!!!! That may not sound like such a big deal to some, but for me, Miss California girl, surrounded 24/7 by cement and suburbia, it was a monumental feat! To be slipping over rocks left, right, and center, getting my shoes/socks sopping wet, hearing the splash of the water against the rocks, AND trying not to break my camera and phone at the same was nothing short of amazing. Definitely a highlight of this summer--and maybe my whole life! :D

So. To continue...

This whole time, as we're continuing to hike, the stream is becoming more and more rocky. At this point we're climbing over boulders and pulling ourselves up over mini falls. All the while not even knowing where this "trail" is taking us. Fun stuff! I nearly stepped on a frog...AND a small snake (maybe one foot long)! Screamed bloody murder. Nearly scared everyone half to death. lol It took a while for  my heart to settle back into it's normal rhythm...

Now, there really isn't much more to say as for as our "hike" is concerned. Yes, it was amazing. And yes, we found the waterfall. The real meat of this story happens there. 

For those of you who know me, you'll understand that as the world's most OCD dare devil, when I start out to do something, I HAVE to finish it. Even if it means killing myself, which I almost did. :) 

You've seen the fallen log in the pictures. What you don't see is a four-tired water fall with a plethora of rocks at the bottom. Don't ask me why I did it--I have no idea--but for some reason, I couldn't look at those rocks and NOT climb them. Call it an insane, adventuresome spirit that came over me. But I began to climb. And thus began my near-death experience. 

Now, I've never been a rock climber, but I will say that I was pretty impressed with myself. The boulders along both sides of the waterfall, were not very secure, which meant that I had to poke and prod at them to see if they'd bear my weight. And sometimes *rubs hands together*, they even fell out of the mountain/hillside/rockface and tumble to their deaths below. It was legit, you guys! I felt like Tom Cruise at the opening of Mission Impossible. :) 

Speaking of death, my own existence nearly came to an abrupt end on the way down. Herein I discovered something: the next time you climb up a waterfall, keeping going--UP! Don't EVER turn around without a rope and harness! But I did not know this at the time, so like an idiot, I came back down the way I came. Which meant--that's right--sliding down the fallen log. Which meant that--brace yourself--IF I'd have fallen, I would have splatted upon the rocks below, impaled myself with sharp branches jutting straight up in the air, and left my friends to drag my body back to the castle...after which my body would have had to have been wrapped, packaged, and shipped back to the States for the funeral. 

This in mind, I DID slip. But thankfully (by God's grace), my foot caught on a notch in the tree, and I was able to squeeze the trunk between my legs for a screeching halt. (It hurt like fury. And I've got the scratches and cut marks to prove it!) But I managed to climb down safely...after which I climbed back UP the other side and returned for a safe hike home. [Don't ask, guys. I'm sick in the head.]

Anyways, I'm getting hungry now and my creative juices are gone. So I'm going to sign off now, and say that this was one of the best days of my life, and as scary as it was at times, I'd do it again tomorrow! With ropes. :)

Miss you guys! Write me!


molly said...

Aw, I so wish I could have seen it! I'm sure it was a sight to behold...not the waterfall, you climbing up to it. =) Hey, by the way, just wondering if you got my last few emails...something you mentioned in your last one made me think maybe you hadn't. No hurry, just wanted to make sure you didn't think I was ignoring you. Miss you, friend!

Talia said...

hey molls!

Yes, I've been getting your emails. I'm sorry, I've just been so busy I haven't responded. :( :(

Wish you could be here to share a cup of tea (or coffee, did I mention I'm addicted?) LOL


molly/phyllis said...

No, that's I said, I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. =) About the hike through the, SO wish I coulda done that with you! Hiking through...meaning waist-deep in freezing water trying not to get cell phones and $1000-camera Zion Nat. Park was one of the highlights from our road trip last year and I've been itching to do something like that again. I'm green-eyed with envy. =)

Glad to hear you're finally coming around to the coffee-drinking team!!! Watch out, pretty soon you'll be eating taco salad for breakfast. =)

Love you!

T said...

wait a minute...I was eating COLD pasta and pizza for breakfast loooong before you ever thought of taco salads, girl!!! and ive not quite forsaken my tea. I still have two mug fills a day. And I fully plan on resuming my regular habits of consumption upon my immediate return. So there. *turns up nose*. ;)

Miss you, friend. Love u always.

molly said...

um...actually...I've been eating cold pizza for breakfast for as long as I've been eating at all and since I'm a few months older than you....! So THERE!