Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!!!

Hey Guys!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Today is my room mate, Julia's, favorite day of the year...more than Christmas! I'll admit I'm catching the fever, too. The Slovenian kids at the conference here like fireworks, so we're going down to the dock tonight to celebrate! Should be fun!!!

We've all been very busy working and setting up for the next conference, but here are a few highlights of my week:

1. Played soccer again last night. TOTAL BLAST! Two of the European guys, Attila and Alex are SO good--and competitive, which I love. ;)  Injuries have been minimal. Brandon, (from WA,) nearly knocked me unconscious by slamming his shoulder into my face. Other than that, a few bumps, bruises, and hard balls to the head are all I have to complain about. It feels so nice to exercise. We're surrounded by beautiful mountains on all sides, and this last time, there was a picturesque rainbow hanging right over the field. Gorgeous!

2. Went to Calvary Spittal yesterday for church. I really like, Robin, the pastor. He's the director of our facility. I love hearing the congregation sing in German. There's something so cool about Christianity uniting people of different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Anyway, Florian, (friend from church) said he's going to ask if I can play on the worship in August. We'll see what happens.

3. Had some fun banter with my travel buddy, Josh, the other day while we were chopping a gazillion peppers...We were arguing (in fun, of course) over whether or not Europeans have a richer history than Americans. I said "yes", he said "no." Both of us were explaining our reasons, when I said: 

"Josh, do you know where the Renaissance began?"
Him: "In Europe."
Me: "Yeah. And do you know where we get inspiration for much of our art and music?"
Him: "The Renaissance."
Me: "And which cuisine are you studying while you're here?" (knowing quite well, the European)
Albert (another kitchen helper): "Dude! She's got you nailed there."

HAHAHA!!! I LOVE getting the last word. Josh is so quick-witted, it doesn't happen very often. ;)

4. It's July and already the goodbyes have started.  One gal, Jess, has already left. And Natalie (from the Sound of Music video), is due to leave on Friday. I HATE goodbyes! I've bonded with so many of the people here. I can't imagine not interacting with them on a daily basis.

5. We're going to Venice on the 13th! I CAN"T WAIT!!!!! I'll have to sing, "O Sole Mio" on the Gondola ride as a tribute to my mom (who loves to sing and is Italian, btw...).

6. Things I'm missing from home: tea, showers that drain, my queen-size bed :D, MOCHA FRAPS, living space, driving, regular swim workouts, Friday night movies, MY PIANO, clean floors, sleeping in, dry towels, laundry done more than once a week, YouTube field trips, and Pasta Milano. ;)  But it's all good...stretching, growing, surrendering...

Hope all is well with you.  Please stay in touch...feel free to comment too!!!


molly said...

You miss Mocha, the cat, but don't even mention me...I like that! =)

love ya,

molly said... worked this time! I totally was just throwing that out there in case it decided to work with my computer and it did! Yay!

michelle said...

Hey there,
Despite my lack of communication with you, I have actually been keeping up with you every step of the way...through your blog and your mom. Miss our Thursday mornings together! I am so excited for you and this journey you are on... (and also a little jealous at times) lol. Will write you a longer email later. By the way, it's a boy! Oh, and I haven't even told your mom you can tell her if you what. I will be funny coming from you since you are across the world and I see her all the time! ;)

Sending love,

Talia said...

Hey Michelle,

OMGOSH!!!!! It's a boy!!!! I'm so excited for you! I'll write you a longer email later to hear all the details, but know that I'm bursting with happiness and hope it's been a good pregnancy so far. :) Miss you like CRAZY!!! I brought Rhapsody with me to remind me of


Talia said...

My dearest Molly,

I am at a loss for words.

Read what I wrote, girl! I said I miss my Mocha Fraps (as in coffee from Starbucks) NOT Mocha!!!! As if I could miss that devilish, stuck-up puss. :) Besides which, I didn't include anyone from home, so you can't possibly feel left out. I DO miss my family, of course, but as that's pretty much a given, I chose to stick with material items or abstract concepts like personal space, showers that drain, towels that dry, etc...

However, now that you mention it...


And don't ever forget about it!

Love ya lots, :)