Friday, July 1, 2011

Update from Austria!

Hey Everyone!

I have an hour's break this afternoon, so I'm catching up on emails and thought I'd write this short post. I love to hear from all of you - feels like Christmas - keep them coming. (hint, hint!) ;-)

I'm learning so much here in my quiet time. I feel like this experience, the surroundings, and being away from all the comforts of home, has really forced me to dig in and cling to what it is that I believe and in Whom I believe. :) It's amazing, really, the work God has already done in my heart, how much I am forced to listen to that still small voice when there is no mom to comfort me (or vent to). :) I know I'm in a hyper-spiritual environment here, but somehow I also know these lessons won't leave me once I'm back in the States. I've been asked to surrender so much in the last few weeks: my personal space, my princess status :), my sleep, and even things like bitterness an resentment.

I pray that God will be glorified. That somehow, through it all--the ups and downs and tiffs and doubts and uncertainties - I will better transformed  into the image of His Son. You may have a different daughter/friend by the end of the summer. :) Hopefully, she will be changed for the better.

Miss you all.

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