Monday, July 18, 2011


In the car...
The scenic Alps...aren't they gorgeous? God's creation is amazing!
Venice! We took a water bus through the main canal. THIS was our view...How breathtaking to think of all the history that this place has seen.
Venice wouldn't be Venice without the famous gondolas!
Me and my room mate, Dasha!
(L-R) Jimmy, Kelsey, Chelsey, Emily, Dasha, Sarah B., Sarah J., and me!
St. Marco's Cathedral. Why can't they build things like this nowadays????

Venice is historically known for its masquerade festivals.

Yes, Dasha and I bit the bullet and forked out 80 Euros. :) It was an incredible experience, though and worth every cent!!! Maybe someday I'll go back with my future husband and do the bridges :P


Me and Emily!!!

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