Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home Is Where the Heart Is...

Well, it's official. I've been home for over a week. Hard to believe I was ever on the opposite side of the world...but it's nice to be back and surrounded by family. :) Of course, I miss the friends I made in Austria, the laughter, the teasing, and waking up to that sublime mountain view! But I know deep down that real friendships never die...and that regardless of how far apart we may grow in this life, there's always the hope of Heaven. What a reunion that will be!!! :)
 Me and mom.
 I suddenly feel really short. Where are my heels when I need them? :)
 Even my baby brother has surpassed me. :( And you have to know I'm 5'6".
Little Miss Mia. It took 5 tries just to get her looking AT the camera. :D lol


carreena said...

What?! I'm 5'6"!!! That means that Nick is taller than me and Joe is totally out of sight! And cutie little Mia who I've never met...

Wow. Nothing like photos to make me realize how long it's been since I've seen your family (ok, you too, but I saw you in January and something tells me you haven't grown that much except inside).

Love and miss you tons!


Talia said...


Can I just say, I'm SO glad your computer "lets" you comment on my blog? :D

I know, I really do feel like a shrimp. But, as I keep reminding the boys, it would be pretty pathetic if they stayed shorter than me. At least now I have body guards...and some pretty good-looking ones at that. :P

Can't wait for you to meet Mia. When are you coming to my neck of the woods? *puppy eyes*

Love you, girl! Miss you TONS...