Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playin' With the BIG Boys...

So Monday was my first, official day of college!
 LOL! Can you tell I'm an English/Communications major? Let's see....Poe, Thoreau, Whitman...
And of course, it wouldn't be complete without microscopic print!
Yep, that just about sums it all up. And in case you're wondering what that big, bad boy is on the bottom...
That's my Literature text. :D I think I could kill someone with this thing. Thwack 'em upside the head? Break their neck? haha I've been reading too many Edgar Allan Poe short stories. No wonder Hitchcock was all messed up! Read about psychos long enough and you become one of them!
But then you already knew that about me...:) muaw-hahahaha

Enjoying this gloomy, cloudy, evening,


molly said...

Welcome to my world! =) Are you seriously going to have to read "Leaves of Grass"? I've been immersed in American Lit for my CLEP on Monday and I haven't read it but I've read all about it. Apparently it's pretty nasty stuff content-wise. You have my condolences. =)

And is that my little book I see in there? =)

Happy studying!


molly said...

Oh, yes, and what's up with the gloomy, cloudy weather? Over here we're roasting, baking and/or steaming. Cold weather all summer, and now that it's's hot. Like upper nineties, lower hundreds hot. I thought it was SoCal that was supposed to be warm?

Talia said...

Yes, that's your little ol' book! Thanks for the heads-up on Whitman...secular school, secular curriculum, but I'll try to navigate through as best I can.

As for the gloomy, cloudy, weather...So Cal is just so superior in all things pertaining to weather that WE know when to have it hot and when to have it cold. Hence the cloudy, gloomy day when you guys are roastin'! :D

So glad you can comment! Makes my day!

Love to the nth degree! And good luck on your CLEP!