Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Happenings...

This is one of those times where you feel like blogging, but can't think of anything interesting to say. :)

I feel like so much--and so little--has been going on of late. Trouble is, the things I really want to write about are far too personal to record here on the world wide web! :) Soooo...let's see. What else? *thinking hard* Well, I guess I can always settle for the tid-bits of uninteresting information which people love to read into. Call it a voluntary subjection to gossip. lol But seriously, everyone likes to hear the everyday stuff of other's lives, so I'll give this idea a go...

~Joe and I have undertaken to read Les Miserables together. Haven't you read that book a thousand times, you might ask? Yes, but never from cover to cover. There's a difference! :P We're enjoying it so far. But what I love most is that someone has finally developed a taste for classic reading! For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to share my love of literature with someone who would be willing to listen. Unfortunately, most people doze off before I finish the first paragraph. (Note: And you know it's bad when people request you to read certain books so that they can fall asleep!) Then, if I'm lucky, they'll shake themselves awake and ask something to the effect of: "So, what just happened?" "I don't get it?" "Why can't they talk in normal English?" *scowl* I hope the guy I marry has more of an appreciation for these things than the vast majority of the populous!

~Been everywhere around town today looking for a job. Yes, I officially quit teaching. There's a couple of waitressing positions that look promising, but nothing definite. I keep praying. It's so hard though when you're used to a certain standard of living and then suddenly find yourself forced to economize. Now I'm forced to think about how much that Starbucks really costs, darn it! :)

~Ran into an old friend on Sunday from our previous church. Brought back so many great memories! He was one of the very few kids in my youth group who was nice to me...and heavily respected my dad. I always appreciated him for that.

~School officially starts in--one, two three, four...six days!!! *crash* I can't believe it's really happening. After all these years of work and planning, I'm finally coming into the home-stretch. Just two more years left...and then who knows what lies around the corner? But for the present, my books are ordered, my classes are scheduled, and I'm longing for (and dreading) the day when my room becomes "the dungeon." *Beethoven's 5th* Dun, dun, dun, DUN!!!! 

~Had a fantastic game of volleyball on Sunday, great fellowship, and a heartily delectable meal from Panda Express! It was the first time in 4 MONTHS that I'd tasted Mandarin chicken! *smacks lips* Ah, such a treat!

~Played a really good game of soccer on Saturday, though I do say it myself. ;) (I keep going backwards in my week, don't I? lol) Although, I have to admit, it was the first game I've ever really lost my cool. The center ref was--let's just say "being mean"--and turning a blind eye to the every foul but the ones made by our team. Finally, after one of my players got hurt, I decided I'd had the last straw. I clenched my fists, waited until I was shoulder to shoulder with an opponent, and then shoved her in the back. Hard. And yes, on purpose. *dodges lightening bolt* Yeah, wasn't too proud of that moment, but--being honest--sometimes, if you don't throw you're weight around, you end up being a punching bag. And believe it or not, girl's soccer is FAR more aggressive than guy's. Believe me. I know. ;) There's a reason why they call girls catty... "You're not playing hard 'til you get a card." That was my old coach's gospel. :)

So...that's about it. Of course, I won't mention the emotional, temper-tantrums I've been experiencing of late or the insatiable desire to learn what certain people are thinking (or not thinking) about me...or the fact that I wish I didn't have a heart. Or a conscience...

But other than that, everything's fine! :P

Wishing you all a peaceful, relaxing evening.


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carreena said...

Feel like chatting about the stuff you don't want to share on the world wide web? =) I'm here...and I'd love to talk. In fact, I've got something really incredible to tell you, too! Email me and let me know when you're available.

Love ya!