Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blow, Blow, and Blow Some More!

I have a new best friend.

He's so soft and soothing, always there when I reach for him, and each time I do, my heart does a leap for thanksgiving.

He's got a pretty cool name to. Wanna know what it is?

Yep, Kleenex has been my constant companion this week. We've had some terrific bonding time. :) To give you an idea, there's a nice, snowy moutain growing next to my bed.

Oh, the joys of being sick! lol I feel a new sympathy for any of you with allergies. I've been crying all day long--my eyes won't stop watering.

I know you guys could probably care less, but misery loves company, and this is MY blog! So I'm just going to ignore your rolling eyes and tell you how my day went. :) (And if you're my friend, you'll finish this post!)

Woke up late feeling like a tree had been shoved up my nose. Maybe the entire Redwood forest.
Blew my nose. Several times.
Stumbled downstairs in my p.j.s feeling like death. Got to the kitchen and blew my nose some more.
Greeted by mom with a cruel joke that had me soaring the clouds in ecstacy one minute and then crashing down into the depths of despair the next. Almost immediately, the guy who's refacing our fireplace arrived, and I bolted back upstairs trying not to be seen. lol (But as I was wearing in bright red p.j.s decked out in skiing penguins, I don't think I was very successful. *sheepish grin* They're Christmas pajamas, what can I say?)
Safe again in my room, I blew my nose.
Changed into regular clothes, brushed my teeth, washed my face. Blew my nose.
Came downstairs resembling more of a human being and ate my breakfast. Blowing my nose intermittently.
Went back upstairs and laid down with the laptop on my stomach.
Staring at a blank screen, wondering how I am going to compose my paper.
Reaching for the tissues...
Eyes watering...
Ah, ah, KER-CHOO!
And that's how my day went.
Now I'm sitting here writing...and I'm STILL blowing, sneezing, watering, dabbing.

Overall, I think it's been a pretty awesome day. At least my sore throat is gone, which has got to be the worst feeling of all!

Anyway, on a completely different note, I finally got around to watching Becoming Jane. It was pretty good. Surprisingly, I liked Anne Hathaway in it. Pretty romatic movie, too (minus one or two small things) and totally my kind of movie. They start out hating each other...
Then verbal volleyball turns to love...
 And they live unhappily ever after. :D
Anway, I should go take something for this congestion. Breathing happens to be important to me! lol


JoannaKaye said...

Sounds awful! :( I know how you feel, I try to keep a kleenex box in every room of the house during certain seasons.

I'm glad the sore throat is gone though! Get better soon!

Talia said...

Hey Joanna!

What a surprise to see your name in my inbox! I'm so glad to hear from you. I've been following your blog, just haven't gotten around to emailing yet. I promise I will soon. ;)

Anyway. Hope you're doing well. Maybe we can sync up at another game of volleyball. ;)


JoannaKaye said...

Sounds awesome! :)