Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Guys I Love Best

I’m so glad I’ve grown up with brothers.

Girls without brothers, you don’t know what you’re missing. See, I’ve figured out there’s only one thing boys possess that girls can’t: testosterone. :P

It’s what makes the world go round...and round...and round...and then round some more. Like a merry-go-round on rocket power! :P
My brothers are polar opposites of each other in almost everything. One is a run-way model, the other belongs on the cover of Sports Illustrated. One likes directing films, the other likes starring in them! One is quiet and reserved; the other is loud and passionate! One is a long-distance runner, the other is a football player/sniper! One is a fireman, the other’s a cop. One plays guitar, the other plays drums. One show his sister affection by complementing her hair, the other shows affection by pulling it! lol

I love these guys to death! They’re the reason, I’m tough. They’re the reason I’m girly. They’re the ones who will open doors for me one minute and be arm-wrestling me the next; the guys who are my constant bodyguards, personal entertainers, and—I would say cheerleaders, but that doesn’t provoke a very nice image, does it? :P
We fight with and for one another. We discuss deep issues and then behave like immature teenagers. They tell me how guys think; I show them how to straighten hair, and what NOT to say to their future girlfriends! They show me how to fire a gun; I school them on Jane Austen. They tell me their dreams, and I tell them mine. And as they get older, I realize I no longer have two younger brothers to keep in order—though both are now taller than me. I have two great friends.

Thanks Joe and Nick for being the awesome guys you are! And I don’t care what anyone says, you’re both WAY cuter than the Jonas brothers!


JoannaKaye said...

Brothers are completely amazing. I feel so bad for girls who don't have any.

Talia said...

Ditto! :)