Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Ridiculous Risk

Today Nick and I helped Joe shoot a movie short for a AAA film competition. Our purpose: to show the dangers of texting and driving. Joe was our principal actor. Unfortunately, as he does not yet have his driving permit, Nick and I were required to push the car in neutral! It was pretty hilarious, the two of us huffing and puffing to move this giant vehicle. I'm sure I've never looked so ridiculous in my life. Poor Joe felt so guilty that he could barely act. We kept telling him not to waste our energy with a bad performance. :) lol Oh, the joys of working on a nonexistent budget. My only comfort was in the knowledge that everyone has to start somewhere. Even if it means manually pushing cars and using pillows for airbags.

Big dreams are only accomplished by baby steps. The menial, the mundane, it all works together to further a larger goal. You don't become valedictorian without first putting in four years of constant studying. You don't win the girl unless you first ask her to dance. And you certainly don't change things without first making the effort. Of course, even if you do play by the rules, there's no guarantee you'll win. Everything is a risk. There's a great potential for success and sometimes, I think, an even greater potential for failure. But are we willing to chance it anyway? To risk the rejection, the heartbreak, looking ridiculous in front of others. Let me tell you something, I felt pretty stupid this afternoon. Until I realized that I was thinking in immediate terms...not seeing the bigger picture. Joe may not have the right film equipment, the best cameras, or a fancy trailer to tow a car. But he has the right attitude and is willing to work with whatever he has.
I once heard the work of God described as "a gentle drizzle," accomplished one drip at a time. In the same manner, I feel as though Life is lived not in storms, but by a trickle of events that stalagmite into monumental super structures! I would encourage you, and remind myself, to "never despise meager beginnings" (Love's Enduring Promise). Because I know a God who can take the faith of a child and use it to move mountains! Unlike the wicked servant in Matthew 25, let us not bury our talents in the ground for fear of loosing them altogether; rather, let us risk them in the greatest venture of all...

Because is there anything too ridiculous that the Lord cannot use it for His glory?

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