Sunday, November 13, 2011


So I'm sitting on my bed this afternoon wondering what I should do with my life. Or, rather, wondering what God wants me to do. I keep praying, "Lord show me something that is purpose-filled. Give me an arena where I can use my writing and my voice to glorify YOU!"

As I look at the world around me, I find myself wishing for a platform to express my opinions. The thought then occurred to me--I'm standing on it. Right here. Right now. This blog. It's my opportunity to share, on a larger scale, the issues about which I'm passionate, the subject matters that provoke me to sit down and type.
Life isn't about me. It's about engaging world around me and viewing it in the light of Scripture. People need people, much as we're becoming a virtual society. So often I find myself aching to have conversations that extend beyond the day-to-day grind. I want to sit down and have a lengthy discourse about a selection of literature I just read or a news story spin that made my blood boil! I want to talk about the struggles that Christians girls face but aren't willing to share aloud. If anyone will listen, I want to use this blog as that outlet.
Friend or stranger that you are, if you are tuning in to this blog, it means you have voluntarily subjected yourself to be my audience. And the nice part is that I don't have to know how long I held your interest. :) Actually, that's not true, I have SiteMeter. ;) But I suppose I could neglect to know if I really wanted to leave my ego intact. ;)
I guess my overall point is, don't be surprised if the tone of this blog turns very controversial. I will continue to post about the mundane, the trivial, and the ridiculous. But I'm also going to use technology to my advantage. I know when I have an opinion and, believe me, when it comes to most things, I'm not afraid to share it.
Some people are of the perspective that "silence is golden." That's great. So we can all be a bunch of non-communal gold statues who know nothing about each other or what we're thinking! That philosophy is not in my line.
I'm energetic. I'm enthusiastic. I'm me. And the older I get, the more I realize how much "Me" has to say! ;)
After all, my nick-name isn't "Talia Tell-ya" for nothing! lol
Anyway, I didn't mean to start monologuing just yet. ;) Comes naturally, I suppose. Oh, and just for the record (because somebody informed me that despite being and English major I use horrible grammar and punctuation on this blog), there is a big difference between formal and informal writing. Here I write as I speak and as I feel. I don't have time to go over and check thoroughly for spelling and punctuation errors. Believe me, if this was a school assignment, my adherence to the technical laws of English would be impeccable. But thank goodness it's not! ;) I've got enough of that to deal with Monday through Friday. ;)
And speaking of which...I'm already on the heels of tomorrow. ;)
Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.

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