Monday, February 13, 2012

My Monkey Mia


The things this child says and does. Today, for example, she informed my mom that she wanted to be a queen...with a "cwown" (crown)...and a scepter...and that she wanted to live in a castle and sit on a big chair and eat lots of candy and have lots of "mon-ey."

"Mia queen," she said excitedly, "Yes-ee please. Thank you so much!"

Yeah. My mom quickly knocked that notion out of her head...but only after laughing hysterically. ;)

Or yesterday, when we took my brothers shopping. No sooner did we walk though the entrance, Mia pulls on my mom's hand and says, "Mama, where is little girl's clothes?"

(Can you tell my sister has a serious, and so far incurable, case of shopping fever? Even I wasn't that bad at her age--and I was by no means a tomboy.)

A few days ago, my mom walked into Mia's bedroom and found her sitting up in bed looking like this:

She had braided her own hair! If there weren't so many of them, I might say she actually did a good job! :P

I call her my little monkey because when I go to pick her up, she wraps her legs around me like a spider and holds onto my waist for dear life. :) That and she likes the monkey Zephir from the Babar books. She will stick to you until you pry her off!

Here's a video of her blowing up balloons...or at least attempting to.

Pretty funny, eh? I wonder how many more antics I'll have to report before she's grown. Probably enough to fill a a whole book. She's already a celebrity at our favorite grocery stores. My mom says she has a whole entourage of cashiers who assemble to greet her. *rolls eyes* That's what you get when you're the life of the party.

Hope you guys are enjoying your evening!

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