Sunday, March 4, 2012

Princess Mia

Mia's new therapy has a system of rewards that allows her to get a new toy from the dollar store every time she earns enough tokens. Today was the first time she filled her jar all the way to the top, so my mom brought her to do a little shopping. She came home with a pink guitar.
And we have not heard the end of her jam session for SIX, long, monotone hours. *pulls out hair*
This evening at dinner, Mia raised her glass and told everyone to toast her for doing a good job in school. "Goo jo Mia!" she cried proudly. "Thank you Mommy! Yesee please speech! Yesee please doctors! I like school! Thank you Mommy!" We nearly split a gut laughing. ;)
Here's a video my dad took after dinner...while she was still playing her guitar! Fyi, Mocha is the name of our cat. ;)

Hope you enjoy!

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