Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Heart Camping

One of my favorite places to "camp" is Mission Bay, San Diego. I say "camp" because this place is really a resort in comparison to the places that I'm used to. ;) Anyway, we stayed for a week, and it was an awesome time of laughin', soaking up the sun (a lot of sun), relaxing, and eating far more sugar than was good for me. ;)  
 Ice my one weakness.
 And he doesn't even have to "smolder"
Brushing the Squishy's hair...
 Can't believe that raft used to fit three of us once upon a time. ;)
We rented a kayak one day and paddled all around the bay.
Big mistake. Joe and I didn't move for a good hour afterwards. ;) 
I think my brothers and I discovered our inner thrill-junkie. ;)
 Aren't those lips to DIE for? She's so cute...the little squish!
Eating out at Old Town San Diego.

Now I've made myself hungry. ;) Enjoy your day!

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