Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gotcha Day 2012

 Two years ago today, a little girl was made a part of a family...
Two years ago today, we became a family of six...
And in that amount of time, that little girl has been transformed from this...
Into this...
From this...
To this... 
In two years time, Mia has learned:
-to overcome her fear of water
-to overcome her terror of animals
-to sit still (a big one!)
-to eat with a fork, knife, and spoon and drink without spilling
-to swing on the swing
-how to skip/do jumping jacks
-to ride her bike without training wheels
-to tie her shoes
-to wash and dry dishes
-to play (and actually enjoy playing) with toys
-the alphabet
-to identify animals by their pictures/sounds
-basic spelling
-to write in cursive
-to add and subtract
-to count by 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s
-to tell time
-to read at a 2nd grade level
-to speak 3-6 word sentences...
I mean, the accomplishments of this little girl are so amazing--testimony to God's grace and the amazing efforts of my mom. I hope you enjoy this video. It really encapsulates what our journey has been. And for those of you considering adoption or what it all means, I'd encourage you to watch the second video (made by the sister of a friend of mine). God bless!

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