Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The House Retreat 2012

Just got back from an amazing time up in Twin Peaks! I don't know what the weather was like last weekend, but up there, it was snowy and cold. Beautiful, though. I can't remember the last time I was privy to a winter wonderland! :)
I went up with the college group from my church. Course, as I've been attending a different church from the one my family goes to, I didn't know a single soul. But I was super excited to hear that Ben Courson would be teaching, so in the interest of getting questions answered and spending some time with Christians my own age, I went. ;)
The theme of the retreat was on sacrificial worship. You have no idea the kind of things God did in my heart, but one thing He kept impressing upon me was my need to be broken. That instead of putting up walls to protect myself from pain, I must relinquish control of my heart back to Him. A living sacrifice, as it were--or as Ben put it: "staying on the alter even when the going gets tough."
I thought I'd copy down my notes from his talk on the fruit of the spirit. He put the "fruit" in such perspective...I don't think I'll ever look at Gal. 5:22-23 the same way again. I'd encourage you to read through it and see what needs tending in your own orchard. ;)
The fruit of the spirit is...
agape--unconquerable benevolence
a holy optimism
a calm delight; inner tranquility or repose
the size of your problems are only as big as the backdrop you're comparing them to
courageous enduring
thick-skinned and tender-hearted
to be thick-skinned against your own needs and tender hearted towards the needs of others
virtue equipped at every point
trustworthiness and reliability
always angry at the right time and never angry at the wrong time
self mastery
when the Spirit controls your life, he enables you to control yourself
And then one quote that really spoke to me..."Jesus gave his hands to the nails and his heart to the spear--lived a flawless life and died a felon's death."
Wow! I came away feeling so humbled at the majesty of God. So incredibly insignificant and yet so exceptionally empowered by Christ who lives in me. ;)
Here are a few pictures. Sorry they're blurry, I took them with my iPod.
My roommates: Melanie, Lucy, and Caitlin
 Chapel (with Nanci smiling in the foreground). I used to dance on this stage when I was just five or six years old. Who would have thought I'd be back all these years later?
My happy, peppy roommate. The first time I met her, I thought Rapunzel had walked into the room!
Old friends and new ones...Jordan, Ben, and guy on the far left whose name escapes me at the moment. *bites lip*
We stopped for Mexican food on the drive back. So good!
Time for another photo op!
Who's idea was it to pose for pictures in freezing cold weather?
On the car ride home...
Snow makes me happy! ;)
Hope you guys are having a great evening...or is it morning? lol
Lots of love,

4 comments: said...

I love the blog redesign! And I'm happy you enjoyed the retreat - I remember you sharing about it :) My cousins went to a camp Ben Courson taught over the summer and were amazed by the teaching as well.

The photos won't load for me though :( The problem is probably on my end, my computer's been running slowly.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! So great to hear from you! :) It's been far too long...
I'm sorry the photos won't load. I had a hard time uploading them from my iPod, so maybe the format is incorrect. Why don't we schedule a time to get together so that you can see them in person? :P
Hope all is well!

<3 Talia~

carreena said...

loved hearing about your time! glad we got to talk the other day, it had been far too long. =]

the photos won't load for me, either...what was that about a time to see them together in person? =P (don't you wish...)

Anonymous said...

lol, I just saw this! whoops! I turned off my comment notification a few weeks ago (just because I got tired of repeat emails), but the consequence is that I miss things like this. ;( YES! YES! YES! In person is a definite must? I'll put the kettle on...what time can I expect you? :P I'm glad we got to talk, too. Let's do it again soon. ;)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 me~