Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yes, I'm Still Here. ;)

I realize it's been a while since I've posted. To be honest, I just haven't felt that there's been anything to make it worth my while to sit down and type. And then I remember that that's precisely what this blog is record all the those inconsequential nothings that will make them of some importance later on. ;)

As a matter of fact, a lot has happened since my last post, the most obvious being that I've completely refurbished my blog. Sprinklings of Sunshine. What on earth is that supposed to me mean? And isn't it a rather trivial title for someone who can't stand to be cliche? Probably. But I chose that name for a very specific reason. And not because it was late at night and I was too tired to come up with something clever (although that might have had something to do with it!) I chose this title because at this point in my life, nothing is certain, the future is dark...and frankly, I'm in need of some sunshine. Even if its only a sprinkling here and there. ;)

I want to capture those moments that make life so meaningful. Because we only live once, and a moment once passed is past forever. ;) So...I want to rejoice in the things I have been given, knowing that every day is a gift, and that God is with me through smooth sailing and storms. And if you think about it, what are rainy days but downpours of liquid sunshine? :) Concentrated manifestations of God's love that saturate us in His that we might thrive and grow?

But enough of my ramblings...a lot of fun things have happened since the last time I posted. For instance, I am now 27 days away from GRADUATING!!!!!! *dances around room* I seriously think that, come February 23rd, I'm going to paint my face blue alla William Wallace and run around my house screaming "FREEDOM" at the top of my lungs! ;)

I also had the good fortune to attend a fundraiser/dance several weeks ago. Initially, I was really skeptical about going because growing up guys never asked me to dance...Don't ask me why. I just know that from Jr. High to high school, I spent the greater portion of every dance (which totals about four) being a wall-flower...or dancing with a girl half my age. lol However, I'm happy to say that whether my warts and hooked nose have suddenly vanished or whether guys are more courageous in college than they are in high school, I had the time of my life!

Which leads me to a very important point. Guys: dancing is not a proposal. It is not a invite to coffee. It's not a declaration of your feelings. It's a dance. It's a social art. And it's good practice in hand-eye coordination. For crying out loud, suck in your breath, wipe your sweaty hands on the seat of your trousers, and go ask a girl to dance! The worst she can say is no. But just as a little heads up, unless you're Awkwardness himself, she probably won't refuse. In fact, most girls would rather stand up with Quasimodo than sit along the wall all by herself. ;) *exhales* Moving on...

I also started (and stopped) a diet that was, by and large, very successful. Even got down to 139 lbs. which I haven't been since I was like--15 years old. ;) But I realized, after about three weeks, that God gave us all kinds of food to enjoy and refusing to eat carbs because they're "bad"essentially makes an idol out of foods that the world considers "good." And Jesus broke bread, right? So. Anyway, I'm off of it now. I guess I still need to learn more about moderation and freedom in Christ. ;)

Other than that, not much has changed. Except for the fact that my family and I started Downtown Abbey this month, which has been heaps of fun!
Can I just say that I really like Mary Crawley? I mean really. I know most people find her uppity and annoying. But I can't help feeling sorry for her. I love her strength, her inner passion--and her sarcasm. ;)
We're only on season one (yes, I know--shockingly behind), but we took our time due to some reservations regarding objectionable content. Suffice it to say, this series does have two or three brief scenes that need to be skipped in some early episodes. All in all however, we are enjoying the upstairs and downstairs lives of Downtown's inhabitants--and sighing for the fact that we can't afford servants! :) lol

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

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Ah!! Your' so close to being done with school! I wish I could post a ton of happy dance gifs in the comments to commemorate :) Praying this last month is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I know! I just can't even fathom the moment I hit "submit" for my last paper...I'll probably call you screaming. :) Just a little fyi.