Monday, March 4, 2013

Morbid Monday!

[Caution: The following work is the product of late night creativity, candlelight, and the emotional effects of a nostalgic day. Read at your own peril and try not to think the worse of me for posting such sentimentality on the internet! lol]

I didn't mean to leave you there,
That summer by the sea.
But Life moved on,
Screaming louder than a possibility.
It moved more quickly, spinning faster
Than any protest I could make,
It took me down that well-worn path
And left my dreams to break.
What happened then, so long ago,
When you were by my side?
Crafting the thing I wanted most
Into the thing I most despised?
Ah, yes.
You went your way,
And I went mine.
The veil between us tore.
And in its place, stony walls
Barring my waves from shore.
You didn't mean to break my heart,
That summer by the sea.
You didn't mean so many things
That gutted the core of me.
Did it never once occur to you
That the smile upon my face
Was a thin veneer of wounded pride
That could have been erased?
Or were you busy,
With the mask you always wear,
Too absorbed with grief to see
The grief I tried to bear.
But sorrow is a heavy load,
It proved too much for me.
So I left you there, with shoulders hunched
Praying that you would see.
But you stayed blind.
And so I left in kind
A bitter-sweet memory.
I didn't mean to leave you there,
That summer by the shore.
But that chapter's closed, the gavel falls
And the tide goes out once more.