Monday, April 15, 2013

Here We Go!

5:39am--Today marks the first day of training. Starting today, I will be waking up at 5am M-F in an effort to prepare myself for OCS. *yawns* I've been up for 40 minutes already, and already I'm wondering why anyone would choose this ungodly hour to begin the day. *yawns* Oh, well. Better get used to it. At least its quiet. Come October *fingers crossed* I'll be hearing nothing but drill sergeants "blasting" me from dawn 'til dusk. I'm so excited! Why? Because for the last six months (but really the last several years), I have felt God knit my heart to the Marine Corps. I have seen Him give me a vision that is so much greater than myself, watched Him orchestrate events and circumstances in my life that have pointed me in this direction. And I could not be more excited/terrified!

Today I call my OSO (Officer Selection Officer) to schedule a phone interview which will kick-start the enlistment process. I don't know if I'll qualify for OCS (Officer Candidate School) or if I'll even make it through to graduation. But I know this beyond a shadow a doubt: I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me…even run 3 miles in 21:00. *sighs* That will be a testimony in and of itself--I'm such a terrible runner. Still, I'm choosing to look at the bright side, knowing that the God who has brought me this far will not leave me stranded. In spite of a 2/3 drop-out rate for female candidates, in spite of all the uncertainties and inevitable pain that lies ahead, somehow I will make it through. Because if God is for me, who or what can stand against me? ;) Wish me luck!
From one tired Marine-in-training. ;)

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Praying for you friend!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Marli!!! I'll need all the prayer I can get. :) lets get together soon, yeah?