Monday, April 8, 2013

Learning To Say "No" When Your Heart Wants To Say "Yes!"

Learning to say no when your heart wants to say yes...

This is something I've become quite practiced at in the course of the last month of so. 
That little voice inside head that says, "just go with it," when your gut tells you to stop, drop, and run as fast as you can in the other direction...or at the very least, approach with caution. :)

It's not easy to obey "common sense" when opportunities cross your path that are anything but common. But ultimately, it's the right thing to do. And being able to sleep at night, for me, wins out over the "thrills" of being awake. At least, that's what I tell myself...

I've also learned that faith in ones standards can waver just a bit in the face of temptation. That no matter how solid you think you are, until you're presented with an alternative of some kind, you have no right to say you practice whatever it is you believe. Kind of like the scientific method--you can't put any kind of faith in a hypothesis unless you've tested a conflicting theory...

What else...Oh, anyone who tells you to follow your heart is a complete idiot. I don't know where Hollywood came up with the assertion that impulsivity triumphs over methodical consideration, but someone screwed up along the way. Big time. There's no such thing as "happy endings" for those who dive into decisions head-first! We live in a real, non-scripted world, people! :)

Overall, this month has had me scratching my head, wondering why we as humans invite chaos when it's so much simpler to just--hang. 

Wish I was all alone on an island somewhere with a book and a bottomless strawberry-banana smoothie...then I wouldn't have to worry about important phone calls or speeches or saying the right things at the right time. Who ever said growing up was fun? Ugh. :\

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